Policies, Terms and Conditions

All RV Camping Rentals Will be Charged a 9.5% City Occupancy Tax. It is for the initial 90 days of your stay.

Thank you for being our guests, we sincerely hope that you enjoy your stay.  To help ensure your safety and your enjoyment while in our park, and the same to our other guests, we’ve established the following policies, rules, and general campground guidelines.  Those who choose not to observe these items may be asked to leave our park without any form of refund.  Bama RV Station is privately owned and operated.  Your contract may be voided by management at their discretion upon violation of any of these terms.

You and your guest must get along with all other guests. We require you to accept text messaging in case we have an emergency situation.

  1. Upon Arrival, please check in/check out with the camp host by call or text 205-792-9936, between the hours of 8 a.m. and 7 p.m.  Site selection is not guaranteed unless you have paid site lock fee ($25). If you have a special request, call the office prior to your arrival date.  Check in hours are 2 p.m. and check out is at 11 a.m.  early arrivals and late check out require advanced approval when available and will be subject to $15 per hour fee.  Wi-Fi Information, Tower is “TODD”, and the password is: 19720102.  SEVERE WEATHER: The basement level of the climate control storage building is available to you and your visitors to seek refuge in case of inclement weather.
  1. Tenant rents from Bama RV a lot assigned for a fee. Tenant may not sub-rent the lot without permission from the owner.
  1. Freezing Temperatures: If you don’t have a heated water hose and temperature drops below freezing, we will disconnect your connection at the spigot.  Heated Hoses are required from November thru March.  They are available for purchase by contacting our office.  Failure to comply and damages caused to the campground spigot will result in a minimum $50 repair charge. We reserve the right to discontinue water service, when temperatures fall below 32° for extended hours or days, and it may remain discontinued until the temperature exceeds 32° degrees Fahrenheit.
  1. Payment is due in full upon booking. No refunds after check-in. To extend your stay, you must pay in advance. 
  1. The RV daily/weekly rate is inclusive of a maximum of 4 people.
  2. The monthly rate is inclusive of the maximum of 2 people.
  3. One Occupant must be at least 18 years old.
  4. Additional guests require prior management approval at a rate of $5 per day or $150 per month. All guests must be registered with the office.  Falsely representing the number of people at your site is considered a serious violation, and guests may be subject to immediate removal from the park with NO Refund. 
  1. Cancellation & Refund Policy: We know that plans can go astray, however we rely on advanced reservations, and cancellations cannot always be filled.  To be fair to all concerned, our policy is as follows:
  • For stays longer than 7 days or more: Cancellations made greater than 72 hours but less than 7 days, are charged 50 percent of the reservation total.  If cancellation made less than 72 hours there is no refund.    
  • For stays less than 7 days, cancellation greater than 72 hours of arrival date will get a full refund, less $25. For cancellation under 72 hours prior, will be charged one full night stay or 50 percent of reservation total, whichever is greater. Cancellation request must be received by 2 p.m. CST by phone.  However, if availability allows on a future date, you may request a rebooking at full credit.  
  • Our cancellation/refund policy does not apply to extended stay (17 days or more). Extended stays are booked by the month and there are no refunds available for stays past the 17th day of the month.
  1. Campers who do not call and show up for their site will have their reservation cancelled without a refund. We do not offer refunds for inclement weather. Lock site fee is non-refundable no matter when you cancel the reservation. 
  1. Credit Card Authorization: Upon booking, a credit/debit card must be used to secure a site for the dates you request, based on availability.  Your information is protected, and SSL encrypted secure.  By booking a reservation with Bama RV Station, you agree to our terms and conditions, our cancellation policy, our refund policy, and pet rules (if applicable).
  1. Liability: The use of Bama RV Station is at the owners own risk.  Bama RV Station assumes no responsibility for the safety of and security of campground guests/visitors.  Bama RV Station is not responsible for loss or damage to guests property due to theft, vandalism, fire, or any causality or act of God.  Registered guests and all other users of this property expressly assume all risk of such loss or damage and must carry their own insurance for their vehicles, personal property and RV’S.  We are not responsible for items left on site.  I Hereby Release, Waive, Discharge and Covenant not to sue Bama RV Station, it’s owners and agents, from any and all liability to me, my children, my invitees/guests, personal representatives, and heirs for any loss or damage on Bama RV Station (Taylor Properties, LLC).
  1. Pets: No exotic or oversized pets are permitted.  This includes all reptiles or large birds. There is a 2-pet limit, breed restrictions apply.  Pit Bulls, Dobermans, Rottweilers, will not be allowed in the park.  Any dog that is deemed vicious towards people or other pets will be asked to vacate.  A current vaccination and rabies record must be made available upon request.  Pets must be kept on a leash and must not be left unattended at your campsite.  You may not stake out or have a kennel or doghouse on site.  Pet owner shall pick up and properly dispose of pet’s waste, if our staff observes you not cleaning up after your pet, you will be fined a minimum of $50. If you observe other guests not cleaning up after pet, catch it on your mobile device and you will receive $25.  Barking or aggressive pets will not be tolerated. I understand that my permission to have my dog at the Campground with me is a privilege and not a contractual right. Such permission is expressly conditional upon my adherence to the terms of these rules and other rules in effect at any given time. I understand that the Campground may revoke such permission at any time for any reason. Additionally, I hereby assume all responsibility of risks, injury, damage, other harm that may occur while my dog is at the Campground or caused by my dog. Further, I hereby knowingly and voluntarily expressly release and discharge the Campground, its owner, its agents, its parent companies, members, managers, directors, officers and employees (“Released Parties”) from any and all claims, damages, liabilities, injuries, demands, or causes of action, both present and future, whether known, unknown, anticipated or unanticipated, that me or my guests or invitees may have against any of the Released Parties arising out of or incident to my dog’s presence in the Campground. Violation of the pet policy will result in termination of rental agreement and no refund of any payments will be issued.
  1. Vehicles: Maximum of 2 vehicles are allowed by site, as space allows. Vehicles must have parking permit.  Please call or text 205-792-9936 between 8 a.m. and 7 p.m. for information on retrieving your parking permit.  No Semi-trucks, dirt-bikes, ATV’S, UTV’s.  Speed limit is 5 MPH.  
  1. Campground Connections:
  1. Electric: You must be plugged into your appropriate pedestal. Shared pedestals, share our 110 outlet for the use of our required heated hose.  Our 30- or 50-AMP outlet is the only one we provide for your use for you RV. The 110 outlet is for heated hose use only in our stand-alone pedestal.
  2. Sewer: Sites that have sewer are required to use our clear elbow fitting, with proper sewer hose attached. Do not put grease down the sewer, RV toilet paper only.  No PVC pipe sewer connections are allowed. 
  3. Non-Sewer & Economy Sites: If you drop your black tank water on the ground, it is a $500 fine and immediate removal from the park.
  4. The black tank valve is to be closed at all times other than when its dropped and/or flushed. The gray tank valve is to remain closed and dropped after performing the “black tank drop” so as to flush the sewer hose.  It’s understood that the gray tank is dropped much more than the black tank.  The sewer hose must be supported with a continuous fall without P-traps.
  5. Water: You are responsible for always keeping your “freshwater tank” full and the pump system operable.  This will insure that you have water when the “City water system is down.”
  1. Smoking and vaping are not allowed in any of our public buildings.
  1. Drugs and Alcohol & Use of Property: Drug-related criminal activity engaged in on the premises by guests or visitor of guests is grounds for immediate removal from park by law-enforcement.
  1. No public intoxication.
  2. No open containers in public areas. Alcohol consumption is a limited to campsites only.
  3. No property will be stored on the lot unless tenant has full legal right to have such property in tenant’s possession.
  4. Storage of flammable, explosive, toxic, noxious, odorous, or other dangerous materials, is strictly prohibited.
  5. Lot will not be used for conducting business for anytime, whatsoever.
  1. Fireworks/Firearms:  No fireworks on premises.  BB airsoft and pellet guns are prohibited.  Pistols, rifles, or shotguns may not be discharged on any property on Bama RV Station. 
  2. Campfires:  Because you can endanger those around you, this is one of the most important camping rules.  Campfires in designated fire pits only.  Propane fire pits are preferred.  However, you may use a fire pit only if it has an ash screen, NO exceptions.  You must make sure to put out your campfire before going to bed or heading out for the day, or when you leave the campsite at the end of your stay. 
  1. Conduct: The following are grounds for early termination and removal from the property:
  1. Loud Noise, whether mechanical (including vehicles or generators), musical or vocal use of foul or indecent language, causing damage to the property, to the campground or another person, drunken disorderly conduct, failing to follow the rules, failing to follow the directions of management or park staff, threatening or abusive behavior, or any other conduct, management deems undesirable, objectionable creates a disturbance or causes a nuisance. Violation of 5 MPH speed limit multiple times subject to removal.
  2. Management reserves the right to control and prevent access to the campground of any such person and may eject without prior notice. At owners discretion such measures may include but not limited to requiring identification from tenant and inspecting vehicles entering the premises.
  3. Keep noise levels down to a minimum during quiet hours (between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m.).
  1. Standard of appearance: 
    1. All Motorhomes, RVs or Travel Trailers must be in good working order and appearance.
    2. Campsite shall always remain neat and orderly. No clotheslines, tarps, or tents of any kind.  Screen rooms only allowed if designed for and attached to RV awnings.
    3. Site must remain free from trash, debris, and unused items at all times. Place all bag, household garbage in dumpster.  It may not remain outside at any time.  Storage of any food or liquid or anything likely to attract pests, rodents, or animals, (i.e. pet food, and grass seeds) is not permitted around RV.
    4. Do not add or remove any landscaping.
    5. Only lawn furniture outside, no indoor appliances permitted (i.e. refrigerator, freezer, or microwave). Unless outdoor kitchen built in to rig.
    6. No rugs or mats on grass. No fences or pens allowed on site. 
    7. No stakes/poles in the ground or digging holes to prevent damage to underground utilities. This includes pet tie-outs.
  1. Attorney Fees:  In any action or legal proceeding to enforce any part of this agreement, management shall      recover reasonable attorney fees and costs, incurred by the owner for the collections for delinquent rent fees or charges.  Tenant hereby waives the right to trial by jury with any claim or cause of action, arising out of or relating anyway to this agreement.
  1. Reservation of rights: Bama RV Station is private property.  It reserves the right to amend these rules and increase rates, at its discretion.  
  1. Management reserves the right to refuse entry in the campground to any person, and to remove any guest in violation of our rules without a refund.
  2. Management also reserves the right to refuse and accommodate returning guests that have violated our rules and regulations, and/or have vacated the campground without paying all fees.
  1. Authorized employees or repairmen may enter the site at any time for any purpose connected with repair, care, or maintenance of the site. We try to keep them in as good working order as possible, any failures will be fixed as quickly as possible, after being reported.  No refunds will be made for electrical power outages or acts of God.  Any electrical, water or sewer malfunctions will be repaired as soon as possible within working hours.  Water and electrical may have to be shut off until repairs are made.  We do NOT give refunds due to insects or wildlife.

We require you to accept text messaging in case we have an emergency situation.